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Professional Pre-Health Honor Society
Cal Epsilon Chapter - UC Irvine



Message from Our President


Welcome to the CA Epsilon chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta! Founded in 1978 with the goal of promoting interconnectedness within healthcare, starting with pre-health students, we are the only professional health honor society at the University of California, Irvine. Now, more than 44 years later, our members come from varying interests including medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, nursing, optometry, dentistry and much more. We aim to provide students interested in healthcare a platform to explore the field and to develop excellence in all that they pursue.


At UC Irvine, members of the CA Epsilon chapter embody and stand true to our chapter’s pillars of service, scholarship, and camaraderie. Coming from different backgrounds but uniting under a common interest in the healthcare field, we are each other’s support. We all know how difficult it is to navigate the waters as a pre-health student, but we’ve found the resources and guidance in AED to help us through our undergraduate years and beyond.​​​


On behalf of the Cal Epsilon chapter, I would like to thank you for visiting our website and welcome you to explore our page for more information on our organization, programs, and members. In addition, I encourage you to be a part of the AED family. If you have any further questions or concerns about our honor society, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Kathy Kim Bui

President 2023-2024

Alpha Epsilon Delta





Alpha Epsilon Delta was the backbone of my undergraduate experience. Coming into UCI as a freshman, I lacked the passion and direction I needed in regards to my future. However, AED was the organization I needed to grow as an individual. Being involved with AED was the most formative and necessary experience I had as an undergraduate student. Being a pre-health student is not easy - it gets lonely and draining and my shoulders always felt heavy. Regardless of this, AED made me realize this daunting and scary path was not something I had to do alone. Rushing AED exposed me to people I knew would have an impact on my life in the long run. I gained friends who challenged me to be the best version myself and mentors that shaped me to become the individual I am today. I can confidently say my future is a little more pieced together because of the professional growth, friendships, and experiences that AED has provided me throughout my journey in college. After enduring four crazy years at UCI, my first thoughts of college are always of the individuals in this organization and the endless memories I was able to create here. I know AED will only continue to grow and I hope that you take the chance on it and become part of the journey like I did. Become part of the community I fell in love with and you will have no regrets. Thank you for everything, AED!

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Chantelle LaNguyen, Gamma Nu, Winter 2021 

AED President 2022-2023

Check us out more on our Instagram @uciaed

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